2016 Classics Challenge

I have joined up to the 2016 classics challenge after reading Stacey’s progress over at Pretty Books!

To start me off, I thought I’d ask you what I should read for January.

I chose Little Women because I feel like it’s one of those classics I will get around to reading eventually, and it feels like I’m missing out for not having read it yet. I also remember a lot of the girls in my seminars referring to the Yellow Wall-Paper with such enthusiasm that I feels like I need to read it as part of my feminist education.

I have had Life of Pi sitting on my shelf for at least a year, and the focus in the blurb is so tight – a man, a tiger, in a boat – that I’m interested to see where on earth the story goes. I have never read any Marquez and know nothing about One Hundred Years of Solitude but have seen it many times on the shelf at Oxfam and I’ve always been intrigued. I started The Picture of Dorian Gray many years ago and never finished it, so this would be a great excuse.

Please get voting! The poll closes at midnight on the 31st of December.

Update: It looks like I’ll be reading The Picture of Dorian Gray! I’ll be updating my progress via Goodreads and Twitter, so prepare for some reaction tweets with the hashtag #2016ClassicsChallenge


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