Top Eleven Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Leaving Under My Tree This Year

This weekly meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This was kind of an easy one as there are so many books on my TBR right now, and I actually ended up with eleven. I could have carried on from there but then the list would be never ending. Sorry that it’s not exactly Christmassy books, but I tend not to read books via season. Though I did really enjoy reading the Night Circus in autumn.

1. Cranky Ladies of History, Various Authors


Just look at the title.

I stumbled across this when looking through Amazon for ideas. The Amazon summary reads ‘Warriors, pirates, murderers and queens… Throughout history, women from all walks of life have had good reason to be cranky. Some of our most memorable historical figures were outspoken, dramatic, brave, feisty, rebellious and downright ornery. Cranky Ladies of History is a celebration of 22 women who challenged conventional wisdom about appropriate female behaviour, from the ancient world all the way through to the twentieth century. Some of our protagonists are infamous and iconic, while others have been all but forgotten under the heavy weight of history. Sometimes you have to break the rules before the rules break you.’

Plus Garth Nix, guys.

2. The Epic Adventures of Lydia Bennet, Kate Rorick & Rachel Kiley


After being addicted to the Lizzie Bennet Diaries for so long I had to pick this up. Lydia was developed so subtly in the diaries that she became one of my favourite characters without me really noticing, which is great considering the previous ways that Lydia has been interpreted (usually as vapid and silly). I really want to know what happened to her next. I had serious withdrawal from this series and found myself thinking about her character long after I’d finished it.

3. It’s a Kind of Funny Story, Ned Vizzini


I picked this up at Scarthin quite a while ago, read a few pages, and already having a stack of books in my hand, put it back down. But the premise sounded great and what I read was really engaging, so it’s been on my TBR forever.

4. The Princess and the Pony, Kate Beaton


Numbers 4 & 5 feel kind of like cheating because they’re the same author but who cares! I loved Hark, A Vagrant and Kate Beaton’s humour and drawing style is always entertaining. The pony’s adventures in Hark, A Vagrant were by far my favourites so I was so excited when I heard he was going to be in a new book. Plus I’ve heard great things about this from other reviewers.

5. Step Aside, Pops, Kate Beaton


One of the main reasons I started reading Beaton’s work was because her retelling of history made it engaging and witty, and given that I am not a great history buff (sorry!) this was rather an achievement. I love her modern day take on things and her mockery of Charlotte and Emily Bronte’s obsession with brooding, dangerous men will always be one of my favourites. (Heathcliff is such a drama queen, we all know it.)

6. The History Boys, Alan Bennett


As you’ll see by my What I’m Reading Wednesday, I’m really loving Alan Bennett’s writing at the moment. Really this could have been anything by Alan Bennett, but I loved the film of the History Boys so I’m sure the original play script has lost gems.

7. More Than This, Patrick Ness


I’ve read a lot of Ness this year and while I’m aiming to finish the Chaos Walking Trilogy, the summary for More Than This has always intrigued me. Now I know what Ness can do with characters and his writing style, I’m interested to see how this book fares.

8. Unwholly, Neal Shusterman


I read Book One, Unwind, in the Unwind Dystology years ago and while I loved it, at the time I had no idea it was part of a series. I found out while browsing through Amazon for ideas and I am so excited that he’s carried it on, though the first book did kind of feel like a standalone even though there were so many questions to be answered.

9. This One Summer, Jillian Tamaki


I’d never heard of Jillian Tamaki until I was browsing Page 45, but her illustration really appeals to me. The summary for this story reminds me a bit of Sarah Dessen’s novels, and seems like a fun summer read. I have a sneaking suspicion that there’s more depth to it than it sounds.

Plus she’s responsible for this amazing graphic cover of Les Misérables:


Check out her website here.

10. A Monster Calls: Illustrated Paperback


As I loved A Monster Calls so much I was thrilled to see that there was in illustrated edition. I’m excited to see how they illustrate the monster and the story scenes. The cover sort of reminds me of the story animation in Deathly Hallows. It’s been such a good year for graphic novels, with Bloomsbury publishing the illustrated Philosopher’s Stone and the graphic novel of Northern Lights (which is also on my Christmas list but not on here) and I’m so glad that there’s more illustration and graphic novels in the world.

11. (BONUS) Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Illustrated Edition


Because I love all things Harry Potter. I doubt this will actually appear under my tree this year, but fingers crossed. I was so excited when Bloomsbury announced it, and even though I know nobody will look like what I imagined them to look like (and I’d really love an illustrated edition by any one of my favourite fan artists) I am excited for Jim Kay’s interpretation. The train already looks really cool, and I’ve seen some pictures of his illustrations of Diagon Alley that remind me of Terry Pratchett’s old illustrator, Josh Kirby.

So those were my Top Eleven Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Leaving Under My Tree This Year, though a little late for Christmas and not very Christmassy. Check out my What I’m Reading Wednesday and next week I’ll be writing about my Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases For The First Half of 2016.


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