2016 Classics Challenge: February

As I finished reading The Picture of Dorian Gray for my January classic last week I thought I’d start up the poll for February’s Classic! I’ve gone with a few more modern classics this time.

I have owned Breakfast at Tiffany’s, On the Road and Slaughterhouse 5 for a while and always intended to read them but not got around to it. Daphne Du Maurier is one of my mother’s favourite authors and I always intend to read Rebecca before we go to Fowey in the summer but still haven’t got around to it. Nineteen Eighty-Four is another one I’ve always intended to read but not got to, and Notes from a Small Island had my mum laughing on the train for quite a while so I’m looking forward to reading that at some point.

The poll closes at midnight on the 31st of January. Please get voting!

Edit: Looks like I’ll be reading Breakfast at Tiffany’s for my Feburary classic! I’ll be tweeting with the hashtags #2016ClassicsChallenge as I go along.


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