Top Ten Albums I Wish Were Books

Or alternatively, Top Ten Albums I REALLY WANT TO WRITE TO. Turns out there’s a common theme and I seem to have two or three books in me with these songs in there somewhere. I also feel like this really shows my age/high school experience even though most of these albums came out post-high school for me. Now if only I could actually make myself sit down and write them.

halsey_badlands_jpg1. Badlands, Halsey -Sometimes it sounds like a NA series about witches, sometimes a YA novel about punk teens in the city. Either way I want to write it.


2. Ceremonials, Florence and the Machine – also kind of sounds like story about witches, but also glamorous YA fantasy like if you crossed Gatsby with the Mortal Instruments.


3. Memento Mori, Flyleaf – for when I want to write a solid fantasy, swords and magic, battles everywhere kind of story.


4 & 5.Smoke and Mirrors, Imagine Dragons and Night Visions, Imagine DragonsSmoke & Mirrors, especially Warriors, again seems very solid fantasy, people drawing swords, epic battles. I once started to write an apocalypse YA story to Night Visions, so there’s that.


6. All This Bad Blood, Bastille – This is kind of cheating because of the music video for Pompeii, but DEMONS. Hunting, the family business, etc.


7. Codes And Keys, Death Cab for Cutie – YA. Something slow, tightly focused on people & relationships, small town life. I did start something on this a long time ago but never got anywhere.


8. Everything in Transit, Jack’s Mannequin – One of my all time favourite albums by one of my all time favourite bands. (Also Something Corporate. Basically anything Andrew McMahon does.) It makes me think about road trips and California and American high school YA.


9 & 10. Threads/Neighbours, Now Now – another of my all time favourite bands. Again, these ones make me think of road trips, high school, cramming everyone into someone’s crappy car to get McDonalds at 3am, having your first crush on a girl.


11. This is War, 30 Seconds to Mars – I think this is kind of self explanatory, as it’s a concept album.


12. BONUSDanger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, My Chemical Romance – does actually have it’s own comic book series and I LOVE IT. Also honourable mention to PVRIS’s White Noise and everything Versa/VersaEmerge have ever done.
So those were my Top Ten/Eleven I Wish Were Books/That Make Me Want to Write. Do you have any that really grab you when writing? Do you also love any of these bands and want to ramble excitedly in the comments with me? DO IT.

Next week I’ll be talking about: Ten Books I Enjoyed Recently That Weren’t My Typical Genre which may be quite difficult…



7 thoughts on “Top Ten Albums I Wish Were Books

      1. I love all of it! Cosmic Love and Seven Devils really speak to me, as do a few of the newest ones, like Various Storms and Saints, St. Jude, and Queen of Peace. Also, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful! I could go on and on! I also like to listen to Marianas Trench. Have you heard of them? They do concept albums, which are awesome because they already contain the story!

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      2. Haha she has very evocative music. I love Seven Devils, that whole album really. The new album is great too, especially How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. I have heard of them but not listened to them, I’ll have to check them out, I didn’t realise that they did concept albums. They’re great story wise because all the tracks feel interconnected.

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      3. Yes, Florence is wonderful! I would start with Ever After (both the album and the song), then go back to Masterpiece Theater. Their most recent album, Astoria, is full of references to the previous two, so it’s important to have already heard them!

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