Top Ten Books I Wish Were Films/TV Shows

Hi all! It’s been a while since my last TTT post but I was really inspired by this one – especially since I was reading  last night about Good Omens & Mort being adapted. I am so excited so this post kind of devolved into a mixture of what adaptations I’m excited about and what adaptations I want/NEED.

So, in no particular order:

Upcoming Adaptations:

  • The Girl on the Train

I am really looking forward to this. I loved Gone Girl’s movie adaptation, and I hope that this one will do the book justice. I’m interested to see what Emily Blunt does with the role but I can imagine she’ll be really good. The trailer looks a bit more American than I would like (I would have preferred they kept it in London), and seems more focused on the whole thriller/crime element – which I know is a weird thing to say given that’s what it is, but what appealed to me about the book was more Rachel’s mental state than anything else. (Also was anyone else amused that Phoebe is playing Monica?).

I don’t know how this will work as a tv series but I am definitely happy we get to find out. It also seems like Schwab has worked very closely on this and wrote the pilot episode, so hopefully it will be faithful to the original. Personally, I just can’t wait for the magic and the Londons. I really hope they get Kell, Lila and Rhy right in casting. Fingers crossed.

  • Good Omens

This has been on my ‘currently reading’ shelf forever, but I love it so much I kind of don’t want to finish it. I’m so happy that Neil Gaiman has said he will work on it personally and that it seems like he’s very committed to getting it right in the wake of Terry’s death. I’m sure it will be amazing/bonkers, and I’m excited to see how it translates on screen. (It’s going to be really weird for me if Crowley isn’t played by Mark Sheppard, but Supernatural Crowley and original Crowley are very different creatures so I’ll just have to get over that.)

  • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

This one blindsided me; I picked up the book on a whim on holiday and devoured it. And now Tim Burton is directing! I’d say this is in his niche so hopefully it will be amazing. I love Eva Green in the role and the trailer looks a little bit different to the book, admittedly, but still has the heart of it. And Florence and the Machine are on the soundtrack! The main question is: am I going to say the full title when I buy my tickets.

Books I Wish Were Being Adapted:

  • Rivers of London

Imagine the police procedural; and then bam. MAGIC, river spirits, ghosts, fairies, the whole lot. I know this was optioned back in 2013 for a seven part series, but since then I have heard absolutely nothing about it. Let’s hope someone picks it up.

  • Six of Crows

I don’t know if this would work better as a film or a tv series; I’m inclined to say a film given that it’s so focused on one specific mission. I would love to see Nina and Inej and Kaz and Jesper and Wylan on screen. Not so bothered about Matthias but then again who is. (Maybe he’ll get some endearing qualities in Crooked Kingdom). The books locations are so vivid and interesting as well; imagine the Birdcage, the Ice Court, the streets of Ketterdam. And then Grisha magic on top of that. I know there’s talks about a Shadow and Bone movie, but that doesn’t have a patch on Six of Crows in my opinion. Fingers crossed though.

  • The Old Kingdom Series

I believe this was in the works, way, way back when the trilogy was first around. I haven’t heard anything since so I assume it didn’t work out – but I think this would make a great series of films. The locations! The magic! The bells! I always found it a little difficult to visualise the Dead, too, so it would be interesting to see what they would end up like.

  • The Night Circus

The book was so visual and focused on presenting all these beautiful and interesting images that I think it would naturally make a great film. I know the rights have been optioned but haven’t heard anything else. It would be so exciting to see all the tents and rooms on screen.

  • Station Eleven

Station Eleven was also very visual and has a very strong storyline which I think would make a good movie. Plus you have kind of a great ensemble cast already, though I think it might be a bit difficult to connect everything together.

  • Illuminae

Space! Battles! Basically a Firefly movie that’s not Serenity! (Well no, not really, but you know what I mean). I don’t know how this would work given the format of the book, and it might possibly lose something by transferring to a much more traditional visual medium, but maybe it would work? I’d be interested to see the cast and it would be kind of refreshing after all these fantasy/supernatural movies.

So that was my Top Ten for this week! Let me know what you think; are you excited for these too? What do you think of the casting? Are there any you disagree with?

Next week is Top Ten ALL TIME Favourite Books Of X Genre. I feel like I stick to one genre quite a lot already in these posts, and have probably talked about the ones I would choose already, so I might do something different. We’ll see. Until next time!



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